Hundreds Attend CCS’ Town Hall Meeting

CCS unveils potential strategic plan focus areas; receives feedback from stakeholders

Fayetteville – Nearly 500 students, parents, community partners, educators, and staff members gathered on February 21, 2019, to share input with the Cumberland County Schools (CCS) on its strategic planning focus areas. During the Town Hall meeting, Melody Chalmers, the assistant superintendent of District Transformation & Strategic Initiatives and co-chair of the Strategic Plan Development Team, shared potential strategic plan focus areas derived from the data gathered during Dr. Marvin Connelly’s CLC3 Listening Tour, district surveys, diverse focus groups, and accreditation reports. Continue reading

CCS’ Superintendent Names Strategic Plan Development Team

Educators, staff, parents and community stakeholders will assist in the development of CCS’ next strategic plan

Fayetteville, NC – The Cumberland County Schools (CCS) is moving full steam ahead with its community-driven strategic planning process. Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., the superintendent of CCS, has assembled a diverse team of advisers to steer the direction of the planning process, review and consider stakeholder feedback, and guide the development of goals for the strategic plan. Continue reading

Superintendent Unveils CCS’ Strategic Planning Process

Dr. Connelly updates the Board on his first 100 days

Fayetteville, N.C. – Tonight, Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., superintendent of the Cumberland County Schools (CCS), presented his ‘First 100 Days’ presentation to the Cumberland County Board of Education. During his first 100 days as superintendent, Dr. Connelly has visited all 87 schools in the district, completed 30 speaking engagements, participated in 60 meetings with community agencies and groups, and met with a variety of stakeholders across the county, including students, educators, elected officials and a variety of community groups. His CLC3 (Connelly Listening to Cumberland County Citizens) community tour helped him learn about 1) things that are going well, 2) ways to better support students and staff, 3) ideas for what the school system’s focus should be, and 4) how all stakeholders can be involved in the process. Continue reading